We Care Food Programs

When you donate just $10, we can provide 50 pounds of food for a needy family.


One in 5 Americans faces food insecurity. For some Rhea county residents it is too often a reality they must face. We Care is constantly trying to evolve and expand our available services. Even in the face of our own struggles to find food sources.

We have 2 programs we operate at under the food service umbrella.

Our Friendly Budget Market which consists of aftermarket wholesale food, pet food and household items. We purchase a semi-truck of these items approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. We then go to work preparing and pricing these items as low as possible to be a service to our community. Our mission is to make this food available to help families stretch their already minimal dollar to the fullest.

Our Food Pantry which is our emergency food assistance program; where we help qualified Rhea County residents who are in need of emergency food. We have partnered with Jackson Farms and Wooden Farms to provide free produce to residents during the produce season.

We Care Food Programs strive to continually serve our community for many more years to come.

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For more information about the We Care Food Programs, call 423-775-1000 or contact us!