We Care Thrift Center

Store Hours:

Summer Hours

Monday -Friday:  8am-8pm

Saturday:  9am-5pm

Sunday:  12pm-6pm

Location: Food City Plaza, across from Krystal

If you have items that are too large to transport, call 423-775-6595 to make a pick-up appointment.


THRIFT CENTER Customers served last year: 72,262

Items sold: 423,051

Free items: 283,400

ARC International Misssions:  124,000

People employed: 30
Community service: Priceless

On any given day you will find row after row of new and gently used items for sale at the We Care Thrift Center. Rhea County’s largest thrift store offers antiques, clothes, books, electronic equipment, jewelry, furniture and more. The Thrift Center also donates items to people in need, such as families who have lost their homes to fire. It’s a job-creator, providing employment at the store and at a facility where used items are recycled or discarded.

Thrift Center customers come from all walks of life: college students to financially strapped parents to newlyweds. They all benefit from the kindness of donors, who provide the huge supply of just about every item a home or individual could need.

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Senior Discount

If you would like to donate to We Care, you
can do so through PayPal now. You just have
to have a PayPal account. All you have to do
is sign in or create an account, then send to
this email wecare@wecaredayton.org
Thank you for your contribution.

WE CARE WEDNESDAY AT Cookies and Cream Dayton!!!!!
Go in and purchase a sweet treat on Wednesdays, and 20% of their sales will be donated to the We Care Safe Haven Light Homeless Shelter.
This is an easy way to cool down on a hot day and give back at the same time.



AmazonSmiles Program

We Care Community Services is now participating in the AmazonSmile program.  The information in the link below tellow how to sign up.  It also explains how and what you can purchase for charitable donation.  If you would like for We Care Community Services to be your charity, just follow the steps in the link below and become a sponsor to your community.  Thank you for your support.

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Come visit us, we look forward to seeing you!  Nikki


Store pictures to give you an idea of what we carry.  Merchandise is worked onto the sales floor everyday.  Things are constantly changing.  Come see us soon!

     Jewelry   Purses and Shoes

     Shoes    Clothing

    medical suppies    Furniture

   luggage   Fabrics and Crafts

  large baby items and exercise equipment    Toys

      Purses   Electronics



 Donations of new and gently -used items are welcome!

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For more information about We Care's Thrift Center, call 423-775-6595 or contact us!