- 13 apartments and one house

- Real homes for the formerly homeless in Rhea County


Approximately 250,000 adults in Tennessee live with serious mental illness.

Many are able to live independently, but without assistance some face incredible obstacles. This is why We Care created Sparrow Village, an innovative community that provides stable, permanent housing for formerly homeless Rhea County residents who suffer from mental illnesses but are not capable of living on their own.

Sparrow Village is a collection of 13 one and two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom home located high above Dayton Mountain Highway. The $1.2-million project was funded in part by grants from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency and the Federal Home Loan Bank. Sparrow Village means permanent, safe, affordable, quality housing for Rhea County residents diagnosed with mental illness.

Sparrow Village

Sparrow Village    Sparrow Village


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