In almost every city in America, the estimated number of homeless people exceeds the availability of emergency shelters and transitional housing.*

We Care housing programs serve Rhea County through leading-edge coordinated programs designed to reduce homelessness in the community.

There’s no quick fix to homelessness, which is why We Care takes several approaches, armed with generous support from Rhea County residents.

Haven House is a transitional shelter for people who need short-term housing. Project HOPE gives low-income residents a chance to own their own home. Sparrow Village provides homes for people who are mentally ill but still capable of living independently.

 The fourth housing program, Safe Haven Light, provides a safe and stable home for children caught in the gears of the criminal justice system. 

When children are taken into state custody, they are often uprooted from their schools, friends and communities and placed in foster care elsewhere. In the worst cases, they might even be housed in detention centers while permanent homes are found.

Safe Haven Light will provide a temporary home for these children while more permanent accommodations are found. Learn how you can help in this effort here

AmazonSmiles Program

We Care Community Services is now participating in the AmazonSmile program.  The information in the link below tells how to sign up.  It also explains how and what you can purchase for charitable donation.  If you would like for We Care Community Services to be your charity, just follow the steps in the link below and become a sponsor to your community.  Thank you for your support.

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For more information about We Care Housing Programs, click on one of the programs listed or call 423-775-1000.


*U.S. Conference of Mayors