We Care asks for help to complete a ‘micro-house’ for homeless April 15, 2014 at 12:00AM

Economical structure offers temporary home
DAYTON, Tenn. – We Care Community Services is planning to erect a “micro transitional house” to provide temporary housing for homeless people in Rhea County until they are able to support themselves. The agency is seeking community help -- donations, material and expertise. The home will replace the former shelter, the Haven House, which Dayton Housing Authority, a long-time partner, took back in January to meet increased demand for homes for its clients.  A woman donated the shell of the 168-square-foot home to We Care; it’s fully furnished, with a loft area for sleeping. The home, to be erected near We Care’s main office, can accommodate one or two people. To be made habitable it will require $5,000 to $8,000 in cash and gifts of equipment, time and talent.

The project will be supervised by Alton Steen, who recently became general manager of We Care after a long career in construction and business. The donations are needed for several purposes, including grading, plumbing, sheetrock, insulation and flooring. Steen said the plan is to add a screened-in porch and a deck to the structure. The home is very small, but as transitional housing it is meant to encourage a person to build resources and then move to larger housing and be more self-supporting. Steen said We Care hopes to build more of these small homes and make the program self-sustaining by renting some of the structures to underwrite the cost of the others.

Please send donations to:
We Care Community Services
1273 Dayton Mountain Hwy. Post Office Box 307 Dayton,  TN  37321
For more details, call (423) 775-4333

Make a donation on-line HERE >

Here’s a list of what is needed:
• Rough in micro house: electrical, plumbing, HVAC?
• Install insulation.
• Install drywall?
• Install flooring
• Install appliances and cabinets?
• Close in front open area, install front door