We Care Partners With Dazi Acres for "Pay It Forward" Program February 26, 2014 at 12:00AM

Dazi Acres, a sustainable, renaissance farm on Dayton Mountain, and We Care Community Services Food Pantry, a local non-profit that provides support to operate our food programs to help over 900 families each month, have partnered to supply locally grown meats and eggs through a direct donation program. The Pay It Forward Program allows donors to purchase any Dazi Acres product that they wish to be donated to the We Care Food Pantry; Dazi Acres then delivers the products each week to We Care, who then distributes the food directly to their emergency food customers. “We read about coffee shops in Italy doing this sort of thing, where a customer buys two cups of coffee, asking for one of them to be 'suspended'”, says Suzanne Eltz, owner of Dazi Acres with her husband, David. “Less fortunate patrons might then come to the coffee shop, ask if there are any suspended coffees, and receive a hot cappuccino without losing dignity. While coffee may not be the first thing a person down on their luck needs, food is, so we looked around for a charity that would reach the greatest demographic. We Care is the perfect fit because they will distribute the products to local families, and donors purchasing a “suspended” dozen eggs or package of pork chops know exactly how their money is being used. With no middle-man or administrative fees, 100% of donations goes directly to those most in need.”
“Some of us take for granted that, when we sit down to a meal, it's going to be complete with protein.” Laura Olmstead, Programs Director of the Food, Housing, and Shelter Programs, adds, “Others are grateful for a steady diet of rice and beans and consider meat a luxury. With this program donors get to pay forward and bridge the gap to well-balanced meals for the less fortunate.”

Anyone wishing to become a donor can set up an account on Dazi Acres online market (daziacres.locallygrown.net), make their purchases, then add a comment to each item they would like suspended. Both donors and recipients remain anonymous.
About Dazi Acres

David and Suzanne Eltz founded Dazi Acres in 2013 when their dream of living off the land became a reality with the purchase of unfarmed fields and woods on Dayton Mountain. They raise pastured beef, pork, poultry, and lamb using rotational grazing and organic methods to ensure the quality and health of the animals and the soil.