Update: Second Micro House October 14, 2015 at 09:41AM

The Micro House's are our way of providing the homeless with temporary shelter, and giving them a new lease on life.  These transitional houses are small but functional, giving people a place to stay while getting back on their feet. 

The second Micro House is on its way to being finished, but its progress has come to a halt.  We need at this point $8,000 to $10,000 to finish this home.  Giving funds, or volunteering your time, are ways you can help complete this project.  We are also in need of materials such as:  insulation, drywall, or items to help finish the inside of the house. 

It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

Contact information to donate funds or supplies: 

Laura Olmstead  (Food Pantry) 423-775-1000 

Alton Steen (office) 423-775-4333  (cell) 423-280-1380  

Second Micro House    Second Micro House

Second Micro House    Second Micro House

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